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This Diana Markosian photograph is from a new series on refugees learning to swim. The image features in the 'Women Seeing Women' exhibition, which is on display at @staleywisegallery in New York until the end of August. Find an exhibition near you to mark World Photo Day today. See Magnum exhibitions around the world on PHOTO: "Hanan Saeed Abdo, 15, from Iraq, boarded a small rubber boat in Turkey to cross the Mediterranean. It was night. She remembers many families on that boat, crammed together shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet. She was sitting on the edge. A year later, now in Germany, she is among a handful of refugees learning to swim as a way of overcoming fear of water." Wolfsburg, Germany. March, 2017. © @markosian/#MagnumPhotos #DianaMarkosian #WorldPhotoDay

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MetaModern – Jordi Colomer in #BRUTgroup

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Photo by @zitrusfrisch Selection by @farvator91 Congratulations on this intriguing capture of architectural perfection. Please do visit the amazing gallery of the featured artist/photographer and share your architecture-view loves ___________________________________________ ◽Use #architecture_view  for a chance to be featured ◽ ___________________________________________ Please, take a minute for visiting our friendly hub: @skyscraping_architecture @arkiminimal #archimasters #minimal_lookup #lookingup_architecture #architecture_greatshots #facade #architecturephotography #architecturewatch #modernarchitecture #architecturedesign #skyscraper #rsa_architecture #architektura #architecture_hunter #unlimitedcities #architectural #archigram #archiporn #architectureschool #architecturestudent #archidesign #archidaily #beautifularchitecture #architizer #архитектор #housedesign #architectures #architecturephoto #архитектура

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¿Las imágenes reclaman, en verdad, su propia destrucción?

Utz, p. 152; B. Chatwin.

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Human by Gábor Arion Kudász is now available at the #tipibookshop. Link in Bio. Bricks, taken in isolation, are more or less pointless. Like us, they only acquire their 'raison d'être' in association with their fellows. It is in their community that they have meaning. Whenever a brickie lays them out in any one of an infinite number of patterns, they form the structures of our houses, walls, factories and offices. They mark the boundary between Inside and Outside – between the inner kraal in which humanity subsists and the dangerous otherness of the bush, the desert, the sun and snow. As in any aesthetic enterprise, the successful interaction of function and form determines the beauty or ugliness of the building. People have been making and using bricks for thousands of years. Max Ferguson #photography #photographer #architecture #home #lines

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Vindicación y reivindicación del ojo. ¿No sería acaso la historia del arte moderno la historia de su exclusión? Georges Bataille la ha contado admirablemente; y sobre todo: ha querido avisarnos de los peligros de pretender verlo todo; esa enfermedad moderna que desciende fulminantemente sobre los protagonistas de su Histoire de l’oeil (…)

El resto, p. 5; Á. González.

Narcosis narcisista: por qué en la era de las redes sociales todos somos Narciso. AlterCultura. Alejandro Martínez Gallardo – 09/22/2018